Nielsen Valeting Products

For professional Valeters, we carry a comprehensive range of Nielsen detergents and vehicle valeting products, which can be obtained from our Fife showroom or be delivered to your business from our branches in Fife and Elgin.
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Impact Extra
  • Excellent road film and grease removal
  • Low cost per wash
  • For all transport types from heavy goods to cars

?Dilution Rates

  • Cars  -  1:80 - 1:100
  • Light Commercials  -  1:50 - 1:100
  • Trucks  -  1:30 - 1:80
  • Pre Spray  -  1:20


Car Shampoo
  • High foam, high wax formulation
  • Specialist wax additives ensure added shine and a streak-free finish
  • Can be used manually or through brushwash

Dilution Rates
up to 1:400


Exhibition wax
  • A rich wax polish for long lasting, high gloss shine, and an exhibition quality finish
  • Easy to use and good filling properties
  • Incorporates a high content of the finest grade carnauba wax
  • High durability and weather protection


  • Powerful air freshener with a specialised high discharge nozzle
  • Designed to combat unwanted smells and provide instant and long lasting in car freshness
  • Specially suited to larger vehicle spaces
  • Instant cranberry fragrance

Dilution Rates
Aeosol, Use as supplied


  • Combined lubricant, penetrating oil, corrosion preventative and de-watering fluid
  • Displaces water from electrical / ignition systems
  • Protects components and tools from corrosion

Dilution Rates
Aerosol, use as supplied


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